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You’ve obtained your pre-approval and found the perfect Agent to work with… so what’s next? You guessed it – house shopping! Although it’s fun to look at homes and visit all of the neighbourhoods that you could possibly live in, there are a few things to keep an eye out for when viewing properties! We’ve compiled this handy checklist to help you look for major areas in the home so that you and your Agent can spot the good, the bad, and the expensive before making an offer! 

Check the floors 

If you notice that the floors are slanted or have cracks, this could mean the home has structural issues. Ask your Agent to check with the owners, or the listing Agent, if there have been any issues in the past, or be sure to have a home inspector give it a second glance. 

Look for cracks in any walls 

Cracks in the drywall or brick could mean that there has been movement. Small drywall cracks are usually nothing to worry about, but larger cracks or ones with discoloration may indicate structural issues or leaks.

Fresh paint 

Fresh paint is typically an indication that the home has been maintained at the most surface level. This could mean that before the home was listed there were repairs done, or something is being covered up. 

Water in the basement 

There’s no better time to go house hunting than on a rainy day! If it’s recently been rainy, and the basement looks dry, it’s good news. If it’s been dry and the basement is still damp, you might want to look into it a bit further! 

Ask about the roof

Roof repairs can be costly, so it’s important to ask when the roof was last replaced and if there is a warranty. 

Electrical and plumbing

For both electrical and plumbing matters, it’s a good idea to bring an expert along for a second walk-through. They will be able to help you determine if there is significant work that should be done or if anything is out of date. 


Does the home have sufficient parking for everyone living in the home? You’ll also want to consider future visitors as well. If the parking situation is not convenient for you, this home might not be the best match.

Ask questions! 

If the owner is present, take advantage! Ask about the previous history of ownership of the home, and if there have been any significant repairs done to the property. If the owner is not present, ask your Agent! 
In most situations a home inspection is ideal, however, it is important to look out for these items before you decide to offer on a property to ensure you’re making a wise investment.

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