Bosley Gives

We don’t just sell within the community, we work to make the community a better place.

Bosley agents believe that part of selling within a community means being ingrained in that community whether it’s geographic, cultural, or demographic in nature.

Bosley agents come from all different walks of life. Combine these differences with similar desires to give back and what you see among Bosley agents is a helping hand, always looking to provide those in need.

Bosley is proud to be a part of the Breakfast Program, which feeds up to ninety children at two schools, and even prouder to boast that the majority of our agents have taken part by offering their person time within the program.

You will inevitably find us in your neighbourhood sponsoring your local school event, Toronto Pride, community movies in the park, Shakespeare in the Ruff, prom drives at New Circles, bike rides down the Gardiner in support of Heart and Stroke and much much more!

To lend a helping hand with our team, contact us today!

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