What Real Estate Agents Do and How They Can Help You Buy or Sell Property

Dated: January 18 2021

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Are you hoping to buy or sell your home? Are you confused about what to do next? Are you feeling overwhelmed?


Don’t sweat it! Here is our guide to what real estate Agents do and how they can help you when you are buying or selling real estate.

Why you need an Agent

“If you are buying a home, you need an Agent to decipher and decode the direction of the listing,” says Corinne McCabe, a broker with Bosley Real Estate. “You need someone to know whether or not the listing actually meets your price criteria. I can’t tell you how many times a client has sent me a listing and I tell them we can’t afford it. They say ‘But it’s listed at 899K!’ Yep, but it’ll go for 1.2M.”

What Agents can provide for you

Experience. “The average buyer has not, for example, helped people buy and sell roughly 600 properties over the last 21 years as I have,” says McCabe. “You need someone with experience to guide you through all the steps of the process.” She adds that “Unless you’re planning to not work and just search MLS (Multiple Listing Services) all day, you need an agent to do this on your behalf,” Agents are watching neighbourhood demographics and past sales all the time. “We can spot the next upcoming hot neighbourhood where one can maximize profit.”

How to find out if an Agent is right for you

“Just talk to them,” suggests McCabe. “Yes, find out what experience they have, find out about their neighbourhood sales, and check out some testimonials, but above all else, but just talk to them.” Consider that developing a good working relationship is key. It’s important that you trust the person you choose as your Agent. “You’ll be spending a fair bit of time with this person,” says McCabe, “so you want to make sure they understand you and that you can have a positive experience with them.”

Figure out what kind of property you want before you choose your Agent

“Some Agents will sell a whole whack of condos, but not many houses,” says McCabe. “So you want someone to know what they’re doing. If they specialize in condos, then buying a cottage with that person won’t be a great idea.” Although it’s a good idea to meet with different Agents before choosing which one you want to work with, you should not work with more than one at a time.

How you can help your Agent help you

“Pre-approval is key,” says McCabe. “Agents also need to know about your lifestyle. Do you need to entertain? (once we can do that again)? Do you host family from far away for weeks on end? Do you work from home? All of these and more will dictate what kind of space a client requires for their needs.” She says that buyers do change their minds a lot, but if you have your general criteria list ready to go - price, area, wants, and needs - it will evolve from there.

How to have meetings with an Agent during the pandemic

“If you’re nervous about meeting for the first time in person,” says McCabe, “phone, video, or outside and physically distanced are all good ways to meet an Agent. And who hasn’t done at least one Zoom call?” She reminds people that if you do go to see a house or condo you will be in the same room with your agent at that time, but masked and physically distanced. As far as what you can expect from your first meeting, McCabe says “you can expect a wealth of knowledge and points to consider.” She adds that “you won’t need to remember all of it going forward - that’s what we’re here for - but you can expect to learn at least five things from your first meeting that you didn’t know before.”

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