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Dated: August 7 2020

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We get it - searching for your dream home is not without its difficulties. Finding a home that fits your needs is one thing, but finding that home in a timely manner in a market as fast moving as Toronto’s is another. The Toronto Real Estate Board recently introduced its newest product,  Collaborate, an online home search portal that tackles this concern head-on. With Collab, finding listings and communicating with your real estate agent is a breeze.

Whether you like to keep tabs on the market or are aggressively on the hunt for a house of your own, Collab is an excellent addition to the process. The ability to search home listings in real time with your agent has proven to be a complete game changer for the industry. Here are some details about Collab and how it can help you navigate the home buying process.

Real-Time Access

We’ve received a lot of feedback from buyers concerning how long it takes for a home to appear online once an agent had submitted it to the MLS - often takes 24 hours or more. By the time the interested buyer is finally notified of the listing, the sellers of the home they were eyeing may have already received offers or, worse, entered into a purchase agreement with other buyers. Homebuyers will now be able to see exactly what realtors are seeing. The real estate market doesn’t sit still and Collab ensures homebuyers won’t either.

For homes that fit the bill, users can opt to get instant notifications. If you’re searching for a four-bedroom home in Deer Park, for example, you’ll get notified the second one gets listed. All you have to do is set your parameters (i.e. number of beds, baths, square footage) and Collab will take it from there, notifying you once a home that fits your desired criteria is live on the MLS.

Engagement Capabilities

Think of Collab as a social media platform for real estate. Similar to other social platforms, you can like, dislike and comment on homes you come across in your searches. All of this feedback is then shared directly with your realtor, making it easy to communicate and hone in what you’re looking for. When your agent fully understands your criteria, it’s easier for them to find ideal options to show you.

There is more that goes into a home search than just the specs, so being able to provide details on individual houses goes a long way. Be as specific as you can so your realtor can proactively narrow down his or her own search results for you. What’s even better about the engagement capabilities is the fact that all this feedback is stored in one place. No longer will you need to dig through emails to find what you said about one specific house, instead everything is right there in your dashboard.

Own Your Own Searches

Out with the old and in with the new! Anyone who has hunted for a house knows that it can be a challenge. When your realtor is conducting the MLS searches, some find it frustrating not to be in the driver’s seat and want to know all of the options available.

With Collab, you can manage your own searches. You can tailor each to your specific needs and alter them at any point without a middleman. You can also save as many searches you like. Say you’re having trouble finding your forever home but are open to something temporary in the meantime, you can get those search results as well.

Cross-Device Capabilities

Sitting at your computer? Great. Riding the TTC and accessing listings on your phone? That works too. Collab has done a great job at mastering cross-device capabilities so you can access everything you need on whatever device is closest. You won’t have to flip between multiple sites or apps, as everything is housed in one placed and optimized for the various platforms available.

Bosley loves working with Collab to help put house hunting angst at ease. While its ability to provide results in real time is paramount, the Collab platform’s added benefits and features make it the only tool you need - besides your Bosley realtor. If you’re interested in using Collab to help find your home, let your Bosley agent know so we can send you an invite to start searching.

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