How To Choose The Right Real Estate REALTOR®Ⓡ For You

Dated: January 22 2021

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Finding a Realtor or a real estate RealtorⓇ can feel like an overwhelming process. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an experienced homeowner looking to sell your home, or somewhere in between, you may be wondering “how do I find a real estate Realtor?” So what should you do? Should you just print out a list of real estate RealtorⓇs in Ontario, close your eyes, put your finger on the printout, and hope for the best? The short answer is: no.


The good news is that Bosley Real Estate can help! We’ve outlined the 11 things you should consider when choosing an RealtorⓇ that’s right for you.

Learn the difference between a Real Estate RealtorⓇ and a Realtor

A real estate RealtorⓇ is an individual who has completed specific courses, passed the associated exams, and obtained a license to practice real estate in Ontario. A Realtor is a real estate RealtorⓇ who is also a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Realtors must pay an annual membership fee and complete continuing training in ethics to maintain their realtor status.

Resist the urge to choose a friend or family member

Buying or selling a home is a huge financial decision and not something that you want to trust to just anyone. Choose a real estate RealtorⓇ or realtor who best suits your needs, regardless of whether or not you’re related to them. Your cousin might be a fantastic realtor, but they also might not be the best one for your specific situation. 

Meet with more than one RealtorⓇ before you make your decision

Not only should you talk to several RealtorⓇs before you choose one, but you should also use multiple means to find an RealtorⓇ. You can ask for references from people you know and trust. You can also search the internet (including social media accounts), newspapers, mailers, and magazines. The more you search, the easier it will be to narrow down exactly what you are looking for in an RealtorⓇ. You can search names on the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) website to find out an RealtorⓇ’s affiliations and qualifications.

Get information on an RealtorⓇ’s experience

You’ll want to know how long the RealtorⓇ has been helping people sell and buy homes and what kinds of homes. If you are looking to buy or sell a condo, for example, that means you’ll want an RealtorⓇ who knows that market well. You might find an RealtorⓇ with a lot of experience but then realize that they don’t have much experience in the area where you want to purchase a property. You should weigh a potential RealtorⓇ’s overall experience against how well they know the local market. 

Ask for an RealtorⓇ’s knowledge of market specifics

Buying and selling real estate involves a lot of data. The good news is that your RealtorⓇ will have access to it. If you don’t ask for it, however, you’re missing out on information that can help you decide on buying or selling. Think beyond sales volumes and selling prices. How long have houses in your neighbourhood been on the market? What are the past bids and sales for the house you want to buy? A good RealtorⓇ will not shy away from giving you as much information as you want.

Look for an RealtorⓇ who is skilled at networking

A well-connected RealtorⓇ is ideal; you will want someone who has their finger on the pulse of the current market, particularly the type of property you are looking to sell or buy. A good RealtorⓇ should not only be able to tell you what properties are currently on the market or might soon be up for sale, but they should also have access to a wide network of real estate professionals such as mortgage professionals, home inspectors, and for those selling their homes, stagers who will make your property look appealing to buyers. 

Make sure the RealtorⓇ will make time for you

You are certainly not the only client with whom your RealtorⓇ is working. On the other hand, you also have other time commitments like a job, children, hobbies, etc. You will want an RealtorⓇ who is flexible and can work with your schedule as well as an RealtorⓇ who will respond promptly to your questions. 

Find an RealtorⓇ with good communication skills

Want an RealtorⓇ who will pick up the phone when you call? Or maybe you prefer someone who will have FaceTime meetings with you. Perhaps you want an RealtorⓇ who replies to text messages right away. Don’t pick an RealtorⓇ who will talk over you or tell you what they think you want to hear. Find someone who you trust and respect honest.

Choose a tech-savvy RealtorⓇ

Now that virtual open houses are more important than ever, you want to choose an RealtorⓇ who can help you navigate these showings, whether that’s through helping you set up a live stream of the house you want to sell or curating a list of virtual open houses in your prospective neighbourhood. If you prefer to use digital signatures for documents, find an RealtorⓇ who is experienced with that process.

Request a plan and strategy from the RealtorⓇ

Find out what your RealtorⓇ has in mind for assisting you in your goals. What kinds of marketing techniques will they use for helping to sell your home? What is their strategy for helping you find your dream home? Don’t be shy about drilling down to the finest level of detail. A good RealtorⓇ will be open and transparent with you about their process.

Establish a good connection with your RealtorⓇ

Even if the RealtorⓇ is experienced and knowledgeable if you don’t have a good gut feeling about working with them, it probably isn’t going to be a productive, successful business relationship. Does the RealtorⓇ truly understand your goals? Can you speak openly with them about changes or updates? Can they help assuage your fears when things change unexpectedly or if problems arise? Do they work well under pressure? These are all important factors to consider.


These aren’t all the things you might consider when choosing a real estate RealtorⓇ, but they will certainly get you started on the right path to success!


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