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Dated: October 2 2020

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Fans of The Bachelor franchise will remember the beautiful love story, followed by the shocking on-air breakup between Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt in season 5 of The Bachelor in Paradise. They’ll also remember that the couple publicly reconciled shortly after that episode aired and then became engaged in August of 2019.

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Earlier this year, Astrid and Kevin decided to settle down in Toronto to start the next chapter of their lives together. This meant selling their old condo and purchasing a new home with Bosley Agent Nic Martin.


Bosley Agents are experienced in working with a wide variety of clientele, but working with high-profile clients presents a unique set of challenges. ”Referrals are my largest source of business,” Martin remarks, “And it is even more important with higher profile clientele, as word of mouth carries a lot of weight in these tight-knit networks” Martin had a specific approach when working with the couple. “It always starts with a conversation about what information they are comfortable sharing, and not just with other realtors,” he says.


Although Astrid and Kevin may be used to having their personal lives broadcast on TV, that is different from the process of purchasing or selling a home.“I need to consider how the clients feel,” remarks Martin, “Do they want personal photos to be removed during the staging process?” 


Even though Astrid posted photos of Kevin’s proposal on her Instagram feed, there are things they want to keep private. “Some individuals are comfortable posting on social media that their home is up for sale in order to attract more potential buyers and others are not,” Martin says, emphasizing that these are the kinds of topics he likes to discuss during the planning phase of a listing or purchase.


It’s important for clients to feel comfortable with their realtors. “Kevin and I had known each other for several years after having met at the gym where we both work out,” says Martin. “That familiarity, along with the professional rapport we had built from the couple’s initial condo purchase in 2018, led me to work with them again this summer.”


Martin helped the couple purchase their new home which recently closed. “Our intention was to look at a few listings for an early 2021 purchase but they fell in love with a great house and felt like the time was right to make a move.” Martin’s success in finding the perfect home for Astrid and Kevin led to him working with the couple on the sale of their condo in July.

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Martin reveals the most important factor in working with high-profile clients: listening. Realtors must pay attention because the buying process constantly evolves and criteria change and develop. ”If you can listen and seek to understand why a particular criterion is important, you can present options to a client that perhaps they didn’t know were possible.” Martin adds, “This was the case with Kevin and Astrid. I was able to present a housing type and location that weren't part of our original discussion.”


Another important factor is discretion. “The buying and selling process is stressful enough for any person so my job is to reduce the additional stressors, not add to them,” Martin says. With that in mind, Martin does not wish to reveal the area where Astrid and Kevin reside, although he says they both wanted to be in a safe, family-oriented neighbourhood with good schools and plenty of young families.


As far as other items on the couple’s “must-have” list, Martin says, “More space was the top priority, but Astrid and Kevin also wanted something that could be customized through some renovations but not a total gut. They felt it was important to put some personal touches on whatever home they decided to buy.”

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Martin is enthusiastic about what Astrid and Kevin are like in real life. “They are great people, first and foremost,” he says, “Kind and considerate, but also completely down to earth.” He adds that they are also straightforward. “This certainly makes my life easier when it comes to narrowing down the criteria for housing options as they are quick to let me know what they like and don't like.”


Working with high-profile clients can lead to some hilarious encounters with fans. Martin says that Astrid and Kevin are always happy to take photos with fans when people politely ask them. “Sometimes people will try and sneak an awkward, paparazzi-style photo, however,” Martin adds. “Two teen girls were trying to do this at one point so I asked them if they would like to take a photo. One of the girls glared at me as if I was referring to myself as the reason they were interested! Needless to say, we all had a good laugh.”


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