Create your own backyard or balcony oasis with these tips!

Dated: June 3 2021

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With travel restrictions still in place, homeowners and renters are finding solace in the comfort of their backyard or balcony! If you’re looking to refresh your outdoor space, here are 6 easy and affordable ways to give your backyard or balcony a much-needed (and well-deserved) facelift! 


Lay down an outdoor rug

Not only is this the most affordable way to make your space more unique, but it’s also the easiest too! Laying down an outdoor rug can create a pop of colour and allows the space to become more comfortable and inviting. Most home decor websites and stores offer a wide range of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect rug for any sized outdoor space! A rug also gives you the flexibility to change up the look of your space as the seasons change. 


Set the mood with string lighting 

Adding string lights outdoors is one of our favourite ways to create a cozy space that looks much more expensive than it actually is! Hang them along your deck or balcony and set the mood for those late summer nights outside. 


Include comfy seating

Comfortable seating is important! How will you enjoy your space if you don’t have anywhere to sit! Seating can be chosen based on personal style and budget. If you have a Pinterest account, you’ve likely come across the trendy hanging “egg chair,” which is perfect for a porch, garden, or balcony. You can also maximize your seating space with a large sectional couch. Pro tip: check your local Facebook Marketplace for higher-end resale items! (This option is full of incredible finds and is a wonderful eco-friendly option too!). 


Create a relaxing meditation or yoga space 

If you’ve ever taken your yoga or meditation practice outdoors, you know it’s the place to be! Roll out your yoga mat or lay down your meditation cushion and decorate with potted greenery and ornaments. With the calming breeze and birds chirping, you won’t want to practice anywhere else - we promise! 


Exercise your green thumb with a vertical garden

Adding potted plants along your fence or balcony is an easy way to add life to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to expand your garden without taking up ground space or you have a smaller backyard or balcony, wall planters are terrific for changing your outdoor area on a budget.


Create privacy and shade with a pergola 

If you have a bigger budget for your backyard, or you’ve scored big on Facebook Marketplace with a second-hand steal, a pergola is a dynamic way to change up your outdoor decor and create privacy and shade in the hot summer months! Incorporate your outdoor furniture, mood lighting, and greenery all in one place. You can even add curtains for extra privacy. 

You might be spending some extra time in your backyard or on your balcony this summer. Use these tips to make your space a place you’ll love to be! For more home design tips and tricks, follow Bosley Real Estate on Facebook or Instagram

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