Refresh your home and refocus your goals for 2022!

Dated: January 4 2022

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The beginning of a year signifies a fresh start, and a time to evaluate your goals for the next 365 days. Revitalizing and refreshing your living space is a great way to set the tone for a New Year and can help you stick to meeting your goals! Here are some of our favourite ways to refresh a home for a New Year:

You by now have dismantled your holiday tree and decor, but was it thoughtfully stored? Organize ornaments, dishes, and centerpieces into labelled bins for easy access in November. If you’ve received gifts, organize them by room. Neatly unbox or assemble the gifts and put them away for future use. 

 If you’ve hosted over the holidays or held a New Year’s Eve party, you likely have a pantry of leftover crackers, accompaniments and maybe a fridge of leftovers still lurking. Clear out the pantry of any ageing and stale crackers, nuts, etc. and do a deep clean of the fridge and toss any expired items.

This is a fantastic time to sort through your clothing and purge items that you might not use anymore or that no longer fit. Be sure to make a pile of items you would like to donate. We recommend dropping any new or gently used clothing pieces to one of the Toronto area Bosley Real Estate offices. Any clothing collected will be donated to New Circles for low-income families, and newcomers to Canada. Donating your unused clothing items is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help those in need.

Next, you’ll want to sort all additional items that you keep in your closet into cubbies and bins. This will maximize the space available and will create a visually pleasing environment. Remember, a clean space = a clean mind! 

When organizing your kitchen pantry, we recommend using clear, plastic or glass containers to store any dry foods and spices. This will make your weekly grocery store trips a breeze as everything you need and use will be visible. Also, anything that you need to restock can then be added to the grocery list for the following week! Organize your cupboards and drawers to ensure all takeaway containers have matching lids, and all of your cutlery and dishes have a functional place to be stored once cleaned.

For this task, we recommend that you put pen to paper! Start with small, easy tasks such as adding a shelf or replacing the kitchen hardware and work your way down to the more time-consuming projects that require further planning and expertise. This would include projects such as gutting and renovating the bathroom or painting the entire house. 

Having a list of projects you wish to complete can help plan logistics for the renovation, as well as any financing that might be required for the larger, value-adding renovations. 

Giving your home a deep clean at the beginning of the year is a great way to establish a routine that you can use each season! Here are some of the major areas you should touch on in your routine: 

  • Wipe down light fixtures, mirrors, and window treatments. 

  • Organize all bed linens by pairing up all linen sets and match pillows in your closet. Toss any washable window treatments, mats, and linens in the washing machine. 

  • Wash your baseboards. Use a brush to clean detailed millwork. 

  • Move your furniture and vacuum underneath, not just around the piece.

  • Dust any of those hard-to-reach areas that typically get missed in your regular clean. 

  • Wash interiors of windows and use a bristle brush to reach all corners of mullions.

  • Scrape away paint splatters with a razor scraper for a pristine finish.

The New Year is a time to take a look at your goals for the year and evaluate how you plan on achieving them. Do you intend on staying in your home this year? Do you need more living space or want to downsize? Are you interested in moving to a new neighbourhood?  Are you aware of your home’s worth in today’s market? The best way to determine this is to chat with a Bosley REALTOR® and take advantage of our FREE home evaluation and consultation. 

Try breaking down each of these projects over several days at the beginning of the year. When all is complete, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on 2022!

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